The Impossible Game

While my mom and dad were dating, my mom’s father jokingly told my dad that he had to golf to join the family. My grandfather could not hit the ball long or straight, but he loved the game of golf nevertheless. My father, taking my grandfather’s joke a little seriously, decided to buy his own... Continue Reading →



"All men who go to war die kid. Anyone who comes back, well, they came back cheated.” In a poorly lit bunker that reeked of smoke and strong alcohol, Lieutenant Dandridge took a sip out of his canteen and inserted the magazine into his rifle. His hard, bloodshot eyes stared right through me, as if... Continue Reading →

Pandora’s Case

Jett was sitting against the window of the Raleigh-Durham International Airport, waiting to board a plane to Los Angeles.  He watched people hurry down the hall in every direction, their suitcases clicking across the floor.  The air was thick and moist, a combination of the crowd of people and the heavy rain pounding the glass... Continue Reading →

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